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"The nature that is portrayed in Steffen Levring's 'Naturefilm in 5 Movements' is about as far from the romantic depictions of nature usually found in the visual arts, as the mind's eye could imagine. There are no claims to authenticity or representation in the abstract anti-images of Levring's exquisite and powerful film, which finds its congenial symbol motive in a black hole - a vortex in the middle of the screen, that leaves us only with pure light, digital noise, and an indefinite soundscape. If romantic notions prevail, however, it is in the firm belief in the potential of audiovisual perception to reveal the unknown to us without translating visions into words. An experimental approach to filmmaking that here re-appears in a highly contemporary form."
CPH:DOX 2011

Naturefilm in 5 Movements
2011   DVPAL   Low-frequency image-generated sound   Stereo   Colour   4:3   7min